Services to readers with disabilities

Univerisity of Urbino's Settore Biblioteche di Ateneo promotes inclusiveness and aims to ensure the right to education for all students.

Our services

The libraries supplies books in alternative formats. This service supports students with severe motor disabilities, visually impaired, blind, and diagnosed dyslexia through their academic journey providing text books and scientific papers in alternative formats.

The service takes care of:

To whom the services are addressed

The service is intended for students of the University of Urbino with:

How does it work

Students who want to access these services can submit a request to the following email address:

Each student can submit a maximum of 2 requests at a time so that everyone who needs it can use these services.


Equipment and useful information 

The reading support room is equipped with specific tools and is located in Biblioteca Universitaria San Girolamo

Contact the library staff to access it. 

For further information make an appointment with the contact person for this service:

Luigi Balsamini

phone: + 39 0722 304289

email address: 


SensusAccess is a softwar that allows the conversion of web pages and documents uploaded by the user into alternative formats, either textual and audio formats.

Access SensusAccess

Norm of reference

Regarding students with disabilities or specific learning disorders (SLD), the University of Urbino specifically refers to Law 104/1992, integrated and modified by Law 17/1999, and Law 170/2010.

These define the reference figures for whom the Rector (by Article 16 of Law No. 104/1992 as integrated by Law 17/1999, and in order to increase sensibility to policies and initiatives supporting the integration of disabled students at the University of Urbino) chooses a Faculty member as a delegate for the coordination and the support for the initiatives that aim to facilitate the active participation of students with disabilities and with SLD.

It refers to services and facilitations available for students with disabilities and with SLD: exemptions, facilitations, and any form of subsidy that facilitates the application of the right to study.

For students with specific learning disorders, the law gives them the opportunity to request aids or settle on alternative examination methods by filling out a specific form, with a medical certification attached.