Manuscripts and rarities

The University of Urbino's collection of manuscripts, incunabola and ancient books is located at Biblioteca Umanistica and consists of approximately 25,000 volumes, including some incunabula and numerous sixteenth-century editions. It also comprises an important historical archive of manuscripts which is divided into four sections;

University Collection

This section collects various materials and historical documents, divided into folders and volumes, concerning the life of the University since its foundation in 1506;

Congregation of Charity Collection

This section, also divided into folders and volumes, bears testimony of the administrative events of this association that went through numerous centuries of history;

Municipality Collection

This section serves scholars with a great deal of information and testimonies about the city of Urbino focusing on its social, cultural, literary, and historical aspects.

Parchments Collection

It holds 1.422 parchments: most of them are administrative acts dating from the 13th to the 18th century.

Ongoing projects

Since January 2021, the University of Urbino’s Settore Bibliotecario di Ateneo started the ambitious project of digitizing its manuscripts and rarities. This project is named Sanzio Digital Heritage and the results of various digitization activities are published on Sanzio Digital Heritage’s website.


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Federico Marcucci 

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Ancient Books Cataloguing

Elisa Ceccarini

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Haed Librarian of Settore Bibliotecario di Ateneo

Marcella Peruzzi 

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