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Discover Life

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Discover Life 


Settore: Biologia, Biodiversità

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Discover Life is an online encyclopedia of life, with over a million species pages, many with photos, information, and links to more info on other sites. You can access this information via the search box on the home page

<Discover Life’s integrated tools include more than 600 multiple-access identification guides to, and checklists for, groups including plants, vertebrates, fungi, and many arthropods; a global mapper that displays the distribution of more than 480,000 species; and quantitative tools to assess changes in phenology. User-created albums enable contributors to manage the data associated with photographs, to map where they photographed a species, and to maintain a digital list of their contributions. Since March 2010, for example, through Discover Life’s moth project, phenological data on more than 1200 species from 130,000 photographs from North America and Costa Rica have been identified and analyzed.>

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